Kathleen Virginia PageWelcome! Kathleen Virginia Photography was started by myself, Kathleen Virginia Page, a full-time Chicago photographer. I have been a photographer for over 15 years, utilizing all types of cameras and technology. Through the years, the way a photo is taken and processed may have changed, but the one thing I have learned is it does not change the meaning or feeling of a great photo. A photo is not about the technology, the camera, what lens you use, it is the photos ability to showcase an emotion that could have been lost forever.

My passion is to work with great people and to capture their vision.

I hope you enjoy the light I see in the world!




Other interesting facts about me:


I am an active member of the Junior League of Chicago. That includes being a co-chair of a committed & I have also chosen the league as my only volunteer photography. I wish I could donate more photography to everyone, but then I could not eat and have a home.


Well, you guessed it, photography is my hobby. Now that it is my full-time job, I continue to explore new ways to keep it my hobby as well. That includes mapping out & executing fun big photography projects different than my client work. For example, spending a week trying to capture a perfect starry night, attempting to capture the city in a new way, playing with light, Instagram, & many more creative projects.

I also enjoy making jewelry! It was actually my second entrepreneurial effort starting my own jewelry business. I do not sell jewelry anymore, but I still enjoy creating it in my ‘spare’ time.


Fun fact time! I am actually a fifth-generation Chicagoan! My family came over from Ireland and shortly there after they found themselves in Chicago. I am so thankful I have countless cousins, aunts, uncles and friends in Chicago.

I am also the second oldest of 14 siblings now! Yes, this is true. After a couple of divorces, marriages & babies it is now the grand total. Most of us are out of the house, but I could not be happier with where my family is now. I am so thankful for everyone in my life & how they support my art.

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