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  • About Kathleen Virginia Photography

    About Kathleen Virginia Photography

    Welcome! I am so happy you want to learn more about Kathleen Virginia Photography. I am Kathleen Virginia Page, a freelance photographer based in Chicago. I have been a photographer for over 15 years, utilizing all types of cameras and technology. Through the years, the way a photo is taken and processed may have changed, but the […]

  • Kathleen Virginia Photography Blog

    Kathleen Virginia Photography Blog

    Welcome to the Kathleen Virginia Photography Blog, your chance to read behind the lens! I, Kathleen Virginia, am a full-time freelance photographer in Chicago. I am a Chicago wedding photographer, engagement photographer, family photographer, interior design photographer, event photographer, and may more types of photography. One thing I did when I started photographing was not […]

  • Chicago Photographer’s Portfolio

    Chicago Photographer’s Portfolio

    Take a look at a Chicago Photographer’s Portfolio! This is a gallery of Kathleen Virginia Photography’s work. She is is a Chicago Wedding Photographer, Chicago Interior Design Photographer, Chicago Engagement Photographer, Chicago Event Photographer, and more! To view a true Chicago Photographer’s Portfolio, select a category button below of the work you would like to […]

  • “Kathleen is our go-to photographer for events because she has an uncanny ability to capture the emotion in any given situation and the moments that I hadn’t even noticed. Her strong work ethic and attention to detail are second to none.”

    - Marcus Riley, Midwest Emmy Awards
  • “I needed someone to be able to capture my family for a holiday card, as well as take new headshots for work.  She’s awesome! She’s professional and very easy to work with (adults and children)!”

    - Sarah Dill, Family & Head Shots
  • “Again, absolutely spectacular work-you have a tremendous eye for composition and colorimetry. Thanks again!”

    - Tom, Event Photography

Being a Chicago Photographer, Kathleen Virginia Photography covers it all! She is also a Chicago Interior Design Photographer, Chicago Wedding Photographer, Chicago Event Photographer, and more! Kathleen specializes in unique and creative photojournalistic photography. Being a Chicago Photographer allows her to capture so many meaningful and special events, and people across the Chicagoland area. She has a candid and captivating style, catching moments and the vision of her clients. Kathleen wants you to be you and unaware of the hard work and imagination that goes into producing her unique photography.

Kathleen has been a photographer for over 15 years and a full-time freelance photographer for two years. She actually learned how to be a photographer utilizing only film and the darkroom! After spending endless hours in the darkroom, she knew being a photographer was always going to be something she did. Before becoming a full-time photographer, Kathleen spent 10 years in business ranging from training people and coordinating events at Apple, building technology in startups, and volunteer director at Chicago Ideas Week. Photography was always something she did for pleasure after work. At one point, it began to take over her nights, and that is when she realized she needed to finally make the jump to becoming a full-time photographer. Now as a full-time photographer she is so thankful for her background in business, understanding technology, and people.

As a Chicago Photographer, photographing within the Chicago area is free of charge though travel charges apply that take place outside the city. She also does destination wedding photography and loves doing it! Check out her work to see more examples of here. Have questions? Read her FAQ page here. Have more questions? Contact her today! She is ready to answer any questions you might have on potentially photographing for you.

Kathleen Virginia Photography, Chicago Photographer